The Heart of Astrology: Foundations for Getting Started

In-person workshop taught by Raphael Zahavah

Get to know yourself! Learn the ancient art of reading the stars in this beginner astrology workshop. In this class, we will be covering the basics of a birth chart so you can take your first steps into understanding the esoteric language of astrology. Using your own chart as a guide map for learning, we will dive into the archetypal nature of the zodiac signs, planets, and more. We will be learning practical skills and foundational techniques for getting started with chart interpretation from an intuitive, heart-centered, and spiritual perspective.

Some logistics: You will be providing your birth information to Raphael after enrollment. There will be an appx 1 hour break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch or plan to obtain it nearby. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Bring writing utensils and notebook.

Held in an Ann Arbor Location.

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