Free Temple Gathering to discuss sexuality and consciousness

Curious about Mystery School of the Temple Arts offerings but not sure where to start? Join us at a Temple Gathering!

A regular gathering (about once per month) for seekers, getting a chance to connect and discuss openly on sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! After an opening meditation, we hold a Sacred Circle, creating a safe space to share and ask questions on intimate topics you didn't think you could talk about. Such a beautiful group forms each time, I love seeing how spirit guides us together! Similar to a Satsang in the yoga tradition (community of truth), with a flavor of the talking stick traditions of Native American shamanism.

The Gathering is free of charge, donations to support the Temple are welcome and not required :) Please email [email protected] to RSVP and for location details. (Facebook messages sometimes get lost, please send via email, thanks!!)

Arrive a few minutes before the start time (doors open at 15 min before) to get settled in for the opening circle (we will be closing the doors shortly after start time to honor the Sacred Circle, please note and plan your arrival accordingly) :)

***Reminder that the Community Altar is in place and we invite you to participate in it! Feel free to take an item (small stone, crystal, symbol) that calls to you to give it a new home, or leave an item to join in the vibrations of the group and perhaps find a new home in the future. Weaving the community at all levels from the microcosmic, through the macro! And no worries, this is totally voluntary, not required. We invite you to explore the sensations of giving or receiving whenever you feel called to! Notice that by taking something you are not required to leave something. And vice versa :) What's it like to give yourself permission to receive? Or to give freely without expectation?

~If you are new to the Temple, you must email [email protected] in advance to RSVP and for location details. (Facebook messages sometimes get lost, please send via email, thanks!!) And if you've been here before, just show up!

Hosted by Leslie Blackburn & Dixon (of Dixon's Violin)

More about Leslie and Mystery School of the Temple Arts:

Leslie Blackburn brings years of experience as well as a diverse, perhaps unexpected, background into her work as a Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide. As Leslie pursued her individual spiritual path of deep personal healing and transformation, she was synchronistically brought together with various teachers and partners to deepen together in growth and bring this path of potential into the light for others. Integrating feminine and masculine principles, she dances in the interplay of art, science, philosophy and practice.

Leslie brings a fusion of Art meets Science and East meets West. Her teachings bloom from a blend of experience and training in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Taoism, Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, QiGong, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Visual Arts, Music, Psycho-Physical Human Capacities, Quantum Physics and Vibrational Dynamics. More about Leslie>>

* Donations are dedicated to support sharing these sacred sexual teachings with the world by growing Mystery School of the Temple Arts and supporting students (maybe you?, just ask!) with scholarships toward classes and private sessions.

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