Chakra Healing Series

With Mariah Alise of 12th House Mystics

Sundays: Jan 16, Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 24, May 15, Jun 19, Jul 17

9-11am at Evenstar's Chalice

This chakra healing series is intended to help you gain the knowledge needed for spiritual alignment. The healing and alignment of the 7 chakras can provide balance, clarity, and fortitude.

Using esoteric knowledge, Mariah will guide you through learning about all seven of your main chakras and the psycho-spiritual, emotional and environmental effects that may block and drain each chakra. This experience will include detailed and descriptive exercises and learning about plant-based foods, natural oils and herbs and other tools that are used daily to help strengthen and fundamentally rebuild each chakra.

This series is designed so that you can take all seven classes or select individual classes to attend and focus on specific areas. In this series, you will be focusing on working with one chakra each month. Starting with the root chakra on January 16th we will meet every 3rd Sunday of the month (4th Sunday in April). Tuition includes a hand-crafted gem-infused candle to be used in support of one of your chakras.  

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