Authentic Relationship- 20 Day Program

Are you ready to be authentic in your relationships?
Do you keep attracting the one, that is not the one?
Are you participating in relationships with soulmates, friends, clients, customers, and students with that you feel no connection? That you feel like you are speaking a different language with them?
It can leave you feeling like you are in the wrong place, on the wrong planet, and you just don’t quite fit in anywhere, or worse yet, you can never be authentically you in relationships.
Would you like to release these patterns, programs, and stories?

If you are done with synthetic relationships, always questioning yourself, always questioning others join me in this 20-day deep dive into becoming authentically you, without being taken advantage of by others, or taking advantage of others by overcorrecting in relationships.

Creating Authentic Relationships
20 Day -Relationship Group Program
Starting July 11th - Ending August 8th
Call time: 8 am EDT
Each call will be 60 minutes to 90 minutes

We will look at, and clear all types of relationship issues-
Are you single?
Are you married?
Looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship?
Create new friendships?
Are you ready to clear resistance to attract new clients, customers, and students?

Are you ready to be clear about how you are showing up?
Where you are sacrificing yourself for others?
What limitations are you hiding behind?
Are you choosing you, someone else, or something else?

The program topics:
July 11th- 15th
Day 1- Would you choose you?
Day 2- Unfinished business
Day 3- Energetic marriage
Day 4- Everyone deserves a chance
Day 5- There is no one for me

July 18th- 22nd
Day 6- On the hunt
Day 7- Diamond in the Rough
Day 8- Incompatible is my compatible
Day 9- Finding the one
Day 10- This or better?

July 25th- 29th
Day 11- Together Forever
Day 12- Who’s turn is it?
Day 13- Who does what?
Day 14- Tragedy or Comedy?
Day 15- Twin Flame

August 1st- 5th
Day 16- Married for money- not love
Day 17- Married for love- not money
Day 18- It’s all about me
Day 19- It’s all about them
Day 20- I’ll wait for you

Are you In?
If so, once you are registered you will be added to the Authentic Relationship Facebook Group where you will find all the call-in details, daily questions, and replays.

The investment is $500.00 USD

Full pay is $500.00 USD…

Payment Plan
2 Payments of $255.00 USD…

Let’s free up what isn’t working, so you can align with what will!

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