Astral Travel 1: Ohio

Astral Travel 1 grants you access to the time-tested tools and techniques from the Hermetic lineage of King Salomon to safely expand your consciousness beyond your physical reality!

Defined as the art or science of traveling outside of the body to obtain information, practicing astral travel as handed down through the lineage of King Salomon has many benefits beyond exploration of the Universe and higher spiritual realms. These benefits include enhanced meditation, reinforced ability to lucid dream, and an expanded sense of freedom, limitlessness, and wonder in daily life!

Learn to:

+ Consciously expand your awareness safely and reliably beyond the limits of your physical body

+ Travel in accordance with the Sacred Law for your safety and protection

+ Increase awareness of how and where to travel to receive the guidance and information you’re seeking

+ Physically and energetically prepare your space and body for safe, effective astral travel


This is an essential class for all who desire to live multidimensionally and expand their sense of everything that life has to offer. Please join us to receive the keys you need to make the most of your connection to the astral realm as the Universe we live in!

Exchange: $200

Prerequisites: Sacred Geometry 1, and Life Activation is recommended

If bundled with Sacred Geometry 1 happening on the same day, receive both classes for just $375!

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