Amma's Wellness Festival for Body, Mind and Spirit

Amma’s Wellness Festival 6-18

Readers, Product, Services and Classes

Our festival is designed to treat you no matter where you are in your wellness/spiritual journey, beginner or Sage. Join the community and get the tools you need to be your happiest, healthiest self! We provide a space that guests can really focus on themselves and immerse deeply in their practice and realigning mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

There's a great line up of classes and workshops that's being offered free of charge throughout the day, by some of our wonderful vendors!

Here's the line up!
Featured Events and Classes

  • Sound Journey with Martina Fenech: Enjoy the soothing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, the Gong, and other ancient healing instruments while weaving Reiki healing energy throughout the experience
  • Joy Dettling: Consciousness Dancing
  • Jackson Music: music wellness advocate, teaching holistic music to students of all ages
  • Lori Irving: Work and Play with Energy
  • Alicia Clark-Teper: Astrological Weather of the Summer Season
  • Nikki Wisniewski: Dream Work and Signs, Synchronicity's and Intuition
  • Derek Stottlemyer: Avatar Master

Rules and Regulations

Free Parking, please no animals or unattended children. Children are not allowed in the vendor building due to limited space. Smoking is not allowed on the grounds and please be responsible with your trash, the Brighton Light House building has been in the Brighton for many years, Dan and Kelly has put their heart and soul into creating a beautiful space for the community, we need to keep it as beautiful as they made it.

There's a one time $5 entrance fee, this gives you access to everything offered at the festival. Free Parking



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