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The 7 Mystery Schools of the World

Join us on the evening of Saturday, July 16th to learn about, and experience the energy of the 7 great Mystery Schools of the World in like-minded spiritual community!

These 7 Mystery Schools and their lineages have existed for thousands of years in secret, often hidden in plain sight. And to be clear, while one can now find hundreds of "Mystery Schools" if they search online, these are not those schools.

Each of the 7 lineages of the great Mystery Schools anchors a unique mission within the Great Work of serving the progression of Humanity and serving the Light of God. Many of history's greatest Teachers, ascended Masters, and Servants of Light have walked the path of progression and enlightenment found within these ancient Mystery Schools. And through their studies, training, and initiations, they were empowered to become Leaders through which God's Light and Will could manifest on Earth and change the World for Good!

If you feel called to learn more about the 7 Mystery Schools and experience their energy and essence, we invite you to join us at the Academy on the evening of Saturday, July 16th for a profound journey through the 7 Mystery Schools of the World. This event is open to the public, so please feel free to invite friends or family who are also seeking to know more about the ancient lineage Mystery Schools!

Cost: $20

Payment can be made via PayPal to @AFEL711 using the Friends and Family option

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