2023 Word of the Year // Vision Board + Sound Bath

2023 Word of the Year // Vision Board Sound Bath + Meditation experience

About this event

This is an IN-PERSON event; the metro-Detroit location will be announced shortly.

Growth and expansion begin with awareness and rely on intention. The beauty of this work is that you don't need any special training. Whether it is your first time building a vision board or you have mastered the art of manifestation, this is an opportunity to come together to build our boards in person while networking with fellow Wellness Warriors.

What's the benefit of having a board? Think of the vision board as your alter. The place you visit to envision all you are calling in as though it already happened. Our vision boards amplify our intention setting and create clarity for the Universe/Source/God to know what we desire to conspire to help us bring forth our personal legend.

What do you need? All participants must provide their board materials, scissors, method of (glue stick, tacks, tape), and a magazine(s). A journal and pen are recommended. You may find comfort in bringing a yoga mat, blanket, or mediation pillow, but none of these are required. You can join us from anywhere you are comfortable.

What can you expect? A brief introduction to the unfolding of the event. Group breathwork + guided meditation and prompted journaling for our word of the year. Then we curate our vision boards by building in the community and sharing our resources.

W promote sharing the magazine supply and will provide plant-based snacks + beverages.

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