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The 11 Universal Laws

Taught by Heather Schram

This is a 2-hour workshop where I will interpret the 11 Spiritual Laws for you in a clear, concise way. I will define and explain what each of the eleven are, and also provide you with ways that you can actually utilize your knowledge in your day-to-day.

We are all extremely busy these days - so I wanted to teach you these hacks as clearly and concisely as possible, so you can easily implement them into your life in a way that works with your schedule. My goal here is to take the research, interpretation, and conceptual-ness out of this information so that you can readily use it.

The Spiritual laws help you to:

●     Understand how the Universe communicates with you

●     Help you to see your struggles and patterns in a clearer light

●     Provide you with tangible ways to utilize the laws in real life

●     Enable you to recognize why you are here, in this lifetime

●     Allow you to have better clarity regarding both external and internal struggles

A PDF of the slideshow presentation will be made available to you, as well as a copy of “A Return to Source” guided meditation. 

Held at an Ann Arbor location

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