If so, has it brought you peace, or created tension or fear?  If there is struggle, then I’m guessing you have been trying to create with the wrong part of your mind.  We have been taught to function from the intellect, but honestly, you create from a less cerebral part of the mind.

Without arguing theology, I will assert that you are source and can create from source.  Furthermore, you do it all the time and you create far more elegantly without thoughts and opinions.

Creation doesn’t need to be figured out.  You can’t figure it out anyway.  I’m guessing, that like me, you don’t know how you create all that you create.

So if you are struggling with a creation, or it stays on your to do list for very long, the first place to look is at thoughts that may go against the creative grain of your stated intention.  

Are you creating money to live comfortably or is there an underlying fear of llack that makes you want to hoard?  Are you creating business success or are you driven by a fear of failure?  Do you have a heartfelt desire for love or thoughts of the last lousy relationship?

If you drop into your center (just put your attention there) and feel your creations instead of thinking them, you will know instantly, by how you feel, whether you will create what you want.  If your feelings are at odds with what you intend, you can be sure you need to let go of some other thoughts about that creation.  Get to a place of creating a clear intention.

Staying in your feelings, it will be easy to dissolve those thoughts that are at odds with your intentions.  They may dissolve instantly with your pure awareness, you could use a technique like the Sedona Method, or you can work with a coach who has a more neutral perspective.

You may also find you have some action to take, and you will likely know that pretty easily too from the place of your feelings.  And when your intentions are clear, the action is sure to be fun!

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