Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching supports you in creating desired life changes using your inner magic and energetic skills.

I use my psychic skills to mentor and coach you to access and use your inner magic.  Even skilled intuitives can find it difficult to read themselves, be objective and see into blindspots.  But your unique inner magic is rocket fuel for creating more of what you want in life.

When you create from your authentic and true self, ideal options and solutions unfold.

Intuitive Coaching includes healing, clearing, envisioning.  You learn and use energetic techniques that help you see clearly into possible futures, read situations objectively and mock up creative plans you can act upon.

If you need support to achieve your desired change, We use hypnotic meditations to get to deeper aspects of your consciousness to find the solutions which suit you instead of attempting to use a set program that oversimplifies complex situations.  If you need support to achieve your desired change, those based on simple steps, platitudes or attempt spiritual bypasses will not work.

You learn to manage emotions, access mindful, magic states, use appropriate energy centers to access useful information and create strategies that unfold using your strong skills.  

Intuitive Coaching also brings you support for your good results.  Making change can be met with many challenges, so open handed support is needed.  




To make a lasting change, a series of services will serve you best.

I offer packages of either 6 weekly sessions, or12 weekly sessions

Contact me to discover which is best for you, the scheduling requirements, and discuss pricing.

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