Your chance to practice the ability to generate insights and stretch beyond the familiar - join us for our free Thoughtstorm® sessions

These Zoom discussions are held most weeks. They are free to attend, though we ask that you be free of distractions and able to engage and contribute.


The Avatar Course and the Thoughtstorm ManualAn Evolution of Human Consciousness

Thoughtstorm sessions strengthen our abilities to explore and discover solutions as a group. It is an exercise in creating group alignment, a sense of shared direction that is not common in the current world.

Thoughtstorm also helps develop our sense of intuition and improves creativity.

Created by Harry Palmer, the international best selling author of the Thoughtstorm Manual as the Avatar® materials, has spent a great deal of time exploring both the potential and the traps of human consciousness.

Cultivating A-HA moments

Each question is answered in a forward leaning way when all participants feel the answer - it's an a-ha moment. Often these hour long sessions will have 3-5 such moments.

This is an opportunity to practice idea sharing and connecting. It is developing the invaluable skill of knowing when you find the answer.

Thoughtstorm and the Avatar CourseHarry Palmer - author of the Avatar Materials and the Thoughtstorm Manual

Harry Palmer used the Thoughtstorm processes the the development of the Avatar Course - a course which has well over 100,000 graduates and has been taught in over 150 countries. Harry Palmer's techniques and teachings transcend language and culture. 

This speaks to the nature of consciousness and the importance of communicating from a space more profound than what most of us are used to.



The creative juices and the skills learned in Thoughtstorm can provide numerous benefits in life, both spiritual and physical.

"In the years since its first appearance, Thoughtstorm has established itself as a favorite tool of the entrepreneur. It has inspired the creation of THOUSANDS of businesses and sits on the bookshelves of some of the wealthiest people in the world. Deceptively simple, yet profound, its ability to generate insights into problems is a priceless technology."

Topic Areas

We explore different topic areas, drawing from the following chapters in the manual

  • Creating It
  • Getting Rich
  • Selling It
  • Running It Better
  • and more...

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Team Builders and Leaders
  • Explorers of the Powers of Consciousness
  • People looking for Expansion and Connecting to Higher Self
  • Anyone who likes to connect and share at a deep level

Sample Thoughtstorm questions

Here are a few of examples of questions from the book that we've explored.

In obedience to gravity, water flows downhill.
What causes money to flow?
Thoughtstorm Manual, page 64


Life, individual or organizational, seems to grow or decay in expanding or contracting spirals.
What causes contraction and expansion in life?
Thoughtstorm Manual, page 107


Hope is lost when a person believes that he or she counts for nothing.
How can anyone act to improve the world?
Thoughtstorm Manual, page 109

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