Add Your Compassion to a World Movement

The Compassion Expedition is a 7-day journey, by email and video - aimed at creating more compassion in the world and a personal sense of peace for you.

Simply sign up for this free online program, and you receive one email a day for 7 days with a link to be guided through this amazing exercise.

I was amazed at just after two days an energy shifted between me and a few people I did that with. It was that simple. No set days. No flex in my line of work! It'll align when it's supposed to!! — K. G., Michigan

This powerful exercise can be used on Family, Friends, Partners, Children - even strangers and those who have passed on. It takes less than 5 minutes and can provide immediate relief and insights.

Over the course of practicing this technique - participants get a chance to explore compassion in their lives and notice how it affects relationships and their personal sense of peace.

This is a free offering. It's an opportunity to learn a powerful technique from the Avatar Materials and also contribute to a more compassionate world.

Please give this gift to yourself and the world by signing up.


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