Joe Reiki

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

I am an attuned Usui Reiki Master assisting others through in-person and distant Reiki Sessions. By bringing a big energy to every session. As we connect to assist you with reaching your highest good through Charka Clearing and Reiki Energy Healing. As a 5D Breathwork Practitioner we will also benefit from how to use the power of breath to reach a cellular level of healing through various breathing techniques and holds. 

Skills / Expertise

Reiki Master
5D Breathwork facilitator
Diamond activated



Who I Work With

In Reiki i work in person or distant with all ages and people. I have sent energy to as young as 6 months old over in India and to friends in there 70's down in Australia.  I have even sent healing to a clients cat in Turkey. I just enjoy moving energy with anyone open to receive for their highest good. 

In 5D Breathwork I do work with many though I do like to heed caution to those who have breathing troubles and struggles like asthma or shortness of breath, even if you're prone to fainting. This style can get pretty intense and cause tetany to the healthiest of people. 

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