Lori Irvin

Lori Irvin

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

Reverend Lori is able to combine her skills as a Medical Intuitive, Holy-Fire Reiki Master and Occupational Therapist, to help you heal your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  She specializes in extracting or reducing pain and emotional energies no longer needed and replaces them with a healing color energy. Sessions may also include Cord Removal, Attachment Removal, Inner Child Work, Past-life Healing, and Energy Transformation.  Sound and Crystal modalities may be utilized during a healing.  Clients have reported results such as a decrease in pain, anxiety, thought patterns, and an overall sense of peace, lightness and healing.  For more details please go to my website: ZSourceConnection.com 

Skills / Expertise

Medical Intuitive
Holy-Fire Reiki Master
Energy Worker
Cord Removal
Inner Child Work
Sound Energy
Crystal Energy
Energy Transformation
Pain Reduction
Anxiety Reduction
Emotional Healing
Physical Healing
Occupational Therapist


Crystal and Gem Mining
Medical Intuitive
Energy Healing
Holy-Fire Reiki Master

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