MCKS Pranic Healing Instructor

Jennifer Rossi

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

Need help with getting to a place of inner peace and laser focus?  For some of us getting through the day is overwhelming, to say the least.  Meditation develops both our focus and awareness.  Daily practices begin the process of understanding who we are and letting go of who we are not. The journey is unique and if we can handle this truth, most of us begin to see our life story very differently--full of "slap-your-face" realizations that can finally bring healing energy into the dark corners of the heart.

Atma Namaste...
Jennifer Rossi

Skills / Expertise

Pranic Healing
Understanding Energetic Healing
Alternative ways to heal


Master Choa Kok Sui
Pranic Healing Instructor
Assoc.Certified Pranic Healer
Twin Heart Medition
Meditation Instructor.

Who I Work With

Jennifer has dedicated the last 10 years to helping customers and clients from all walks of life to make pivotal changes in their businesses as well as their personal lives. She travels around Michigan teaching and consulting individuals, small businesses, and large groups to realize the untapped potential within themselves and their organizations.

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