Carol Plowman - Diamond Healer

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

A few of the things I am able to do:

How I Work

  • I have the ability to see/work multidimensionally.
  • I AM:  clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.  I clearly see and feel subtle energies and hear clear messages from Spirit.
  • I scan your body looking for energetic disturbances contributing to your issues, then I check in with your Higher Self for guidance in what is needed at this time.
  • I AM able to remove blockages and adjust deep within cells as well as on different dimensional levels.
  • I dissolve old energy programs and replace them with new higher frequencies, similar to new computer software.
  • I confer with the Council of Light, Ascended Masters and Galactic Council to understand problems and receive healing light codes and sacred geometries to assist with your unique situation.
  • I work under the guidance of the “Christ Consciousness”.


Medical Intuitive

Who I Work With

My name is Carol Plowman.  My gifts of healing opened up around 17 years ago.

I operate under the guidance of Ascendant Masters and Galactic Beings of the Highest Love and Light.  I have realized through my work that those who are experiencing pain, depression and trauma in there life and physical body are experiencing energetic blocks on some level.  I am adept at locating and removing these blocks through my work.

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