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Chris Elwart

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Bio / Self introduction

Christine Elwart is the Co-Founder of Academy for Empowered Living alongside her husband of nearly 50 years, Joe. She is called to facilitate the deep, needed healing in the world through Love - the greatest force in the Universe - and restoring Shamballah, or World Peace, here on Earth!

Christine is a Certified Guide, Teacher, Healer, Magus Hermeticus, and Life Activation Practitioner trained through The Modern Mystery School. She is the published author of “Ascend to Joy: Transform Your Life Through Living Kabbalah” and a certified life coach specializing in empowerment and spiritual development.

Her mission is to play a key role in radiating LIGHT as extensively as possible throughout the Midwestern United States and the world to spark a collective shift towards Peace and Love. And through the magnificent and life-changing teachings, healings, and initiations from the lineage of King Salomon the Wise, she knows this can be done!


Life Activation
Life coach
Spiritual Guidance

Who I Work With

Those who are ready to enter the next chapter of their lives and invest in their own spiritual growth and development.  The seekers who wish to Know Themselves and create a life of joy, passion, love, and magick.  Individuals who are ready to put themselves first for a change and do the deep, inner work of healing, transforming, and becoming their true, authentic selves!


It's never too early nor too late to live the life of your dreams - the time is right now!


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