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"What does Intuition mean to you, and how do you see it benefiting people to develop it?"

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Thank you - it's great to be here.

I'm Derek Stottlemyer - I've been using and teaching the AvatarĀ® tools for nearly 10 years. Prior to that I was a web architect and custom software developer (and a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic!).

Intuition can mean a lot of things - but the aspect that I find most useful is the idea that we can tap into a more profound space within us - a space where our answers resonate experientially. I think many of us have had insights that shake us awake and we arrive at a new 'truth'.

To me - the feeling of arriving at a new understanding - this is intuitive awakening. If you haven't experienced it, give me a call and we can play. Heck - give me a call if you've experienced this and want more of it!

What can be strange at first, is that awakenings aren't final. They are stages - and after 10 years I'm still moving through them and I have no interest in slowing down.

The other side of these awakenings can bring calming, broadened perspective, insights, increased kindness and compassion, relief, an increase in personal responsibility, increased connection, feeling of grace, and much much more.

The key for me, and why I include this as intuition, is because of the experiential knowing we feel with the insight. It's invaluable to learn when we can trust what we feel.

Let me say that again. It's invaluable to learn WHEN we can trust what we feel. To separate resonance from mind chatter and hidden influences in our consciousness. Also to recognize when we can't so we can use our practice until we do gain clarity.

Thanks for the chance to be part of this discussion - and to share with these wonderful experts our intention to help people tap into more profound realms of being.

It's a gift and a blessing.

Hello! Thank you for inviting me into this very unique space!

My name is Jade. It is my chosen name. After decades of working with energy and crystals I was seeking a new name. In short, Jade blesses everything it touches and holds no negativity. When I read this, it fit. This is everything I want to be in the world.

In my former life I was a Social Worker for 27 years, working mostly with the intellectually challenged and in hospice with a whole lot of other placements in between. This well-rounded work history lent me an education one could not find anywhere else. However, I became burned out and burdened by this work after so long. In 1990, at the same time I was introduced to hospice work, I was also introduced to energy work. Throughout the years I used energy healing in my professional life as well as my personal life. I studied many modalities and incorporated them all into a unique practice I called Eclectic Energy Healing.

I have always aligned myself with the Native American way of living and engaging. When I began to study Shamanism around 2005, I had no idea where to look to follow this path, so I continued with my intuitively led self-education and expanded my energy practice to accommodate that which came to me.

Flash forward to more recent times when I found a Shaman and began to study under him. Turns out that 'intuitively led self-education' has a lot in common with shamanic practices. It also turns out that Shamanism does not exist solely in Indigenous lineage as I once thought, but has been found on every continent, including the land of my heritage, Ireland. It also turns out that Native Americans and the Irish have a history of mutual respect. Hmmmm....my affection for both cultures now seemed to have an explanation.

Intuition to me is a Knowingness. A Knowing that cannot be explained by logic. It can also be called a Resonance. It comes from Connection to our Higher Selves, the WE that exists above the Earth Generated Operating system (EGO). It is experiential not educational, meaning it isn't something that is taught, but rather something someone experiences.

Developing one's intuition means an end to a great deal of suffering, for suffering is the result of going against, fighting against or denying one's intuition. How many have said that making decisions from their head has led to undesired results? I know for myself the decisions I made from my heart (not exactly my intuition, but it is in the same neighborhood) garnered better results than those I made logically.

But making decisions from your heart can be deceiving, whereas from your intuition is never deceiving. Making decisions from your heart often comes from a place of co-dependence. A desire to bring peace, make others happy or simply fulfill a wish. It is not logical (therefore not of the mind), but it may also be based in fear (the root of co-dependence).

Intuition does not come from your heart, though it can come through it. When one is integrated they work in perfect harmony guiding us effortlessly through our journey. Intuition holds no expectation of result, only the feeling of resonance that THIS is the right path/choice/decision/move to make. Often it may lead to uncomfortable/undesired results, and you can be tempted to judge it as 'wrong', however that is the furthest thing from the truth. Your intuition leads you where you NEED to go to get to where you are DESTINED to be. Whereas JUST your heart will generally try to lead you where you WANT to go to get to where you WANT to be.

Your intuition is the key to opening doors you can't see.

Blessings In Your Journey,


I'm excited to be here with you all!
My name is Mike Owen and I have been working with energy, teaching meditation classes virtually & Hypnotherapy for 20 years!
"What does Intuition mean to you, and how do you see it benefiting people to develop it?"
Everyone has inherent intuitive abilities since birth. We often "overthink" which makes intuition a challenge. I have cleared energy and taught successful meditative techniques for two decades. Everyone is intuitive but sometimes people need step-by-step instructions on how to get there.
Everything starts in the Spiritual Realm then trickles down into physical situations/events on what people need to grow. Sometimes all of us get stuck (cycles) and need help. This is my specialty is to clear unwanted cycles to help the individual grow and move forward. Getting back to intuition feeds the Spirit and allows the answers/events to bless us as we are Spiritual Beings on a Physical Journey!
Most adventures require an experienced guide!
I can definitely help you to achieve your highest potential through Meditation classes, Hypnotherapy, and Energy Clearings/Readings!
Mike Owen - IrisWell.com

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