Ok, so you have a space, congratulations! Now what?

If you have people already, but they aren't yet on growtogether.network, then invite them to join you here. They will have to create an account, but that only takes a minute. The easiest ways to do this are by clicking an option in the "Share This Page" area (from your page) and send the link to your invitees. Alternately, you can always copy the url and email or text it to people. If they don't have an account here, this will have the option to create one and then they will be returned to your page to connect with you.

You can also create events or topics as appropriate, and these will catch attention from members or visitors. (Here imagery is important, so an appropriate and eye-catching image is useful).

If you know people on this site, you can also send them private messages and invite them.

Often you will have people you may not know join your group - how you interact with them is up to you, but often you'll want to great them personally and make sure they are a good match for you. 

It can often take time for people to get from learning about you to showing up in person, but it's worth it and it's valuable for new groups to allow the right members to find you. Keep putting in attention and time, and it will work for you.


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