FindMagicPeople asked on 2022-06-28
Question:What is it like being a Reiki master?


2 answers

Being a Reiki master means having a well-tuned sense of your own energy and that of the people around you. It also comes with an incredible amount of responsibility; the untrained cannot direct energy consciously, as those who have received even the first-level Reiki attunements can, and so being careful about how forcefully you channel the energy is important-- as is preparing for overloads in case you miscalculate. Finally, it means being sure to care for your physical and spiritual bodies properly, as it is highly unwise to perform Reiki if you yourself are experiencing blockages or alignment issues.

It's wonderful to be able to gift others with any of the 3 levels of Usui Reiki. I'm very proud of my students and the Reiki Masters I have taught. 

It is a lifetime commitment to your students where reiki is concerned. Unless you are prepared to teach it there is no reason to get your Reiki Master Degree.