Akashic Records

FindMagicPeople asked on 2022-06-22
Question:What are Akashic record readings?

Akashic Records

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Good question!

When I sit with a client to do an Akashic Record Reading, I never know for sure who or what is going to show up.

My process, involves a prayer that I have to read three times. Once out loud, twice silently, AFTER I have the permission of the client to open their record.

Almost always, I'm given some information or images as I read the prayer, and that is where I begin. 

Typically, that is the information that the Record Keepers deem to be THE MOST important for the client to receive.  

From there, we go to any questions or concerns that the client has that they would like to look at.

In some cases, there can be Mediumship, as relatives and friends (in Spirit) can show up to weigh in with messages.  Other times, I've had the soul of the current client, from another lifetime who has information that is helpful to their current life or challenge stop by to weigh in.

It can be a fun, informative, challenging, confirming sort of exchange. 

I hope this is helpful.