Akashic Records

FindMagicPeople asked on 2022-06-22
Question:How does information from Akashic records help your decision making?

Akashic Records

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The Akashic Record is the history of your soul. All lifetimes; past, present and future.  On that basis it holds a treasure trove of information, patterns, past experiences that could be contributing greatly to choices and behaviors in the current lifetime.

If you were to ask, for example, should I take the job in Detroit, or the job in Cleveland, it is highly unlikely you would be pointed in a specific direction.  The Record Keepers would be more likely to give you a compare/contrast, of what life would look like for you in Cleveland or Detroit. From there, you could factor that information into your decision making process.

I believe that any reading of future events is going to be predicated on "if you continue in the direction you are currently traveling, this is likely to be your outcome/destination", but just like on the road, if you turn on a different road, where you end up would be different than if you continued on the original road.

I hope this is helpful.

That is where the information in a good reading comes from. Your own blueprint for this life. I simply get to read your blueprint for the particular point you are at during our session.