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Question:Ancestral Healing: What Is Intergenerational Trauma and Can It Be Healed?

ancestral healing

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I feel like this question hits the root of so much I've been working with in my own body and supporting others with over the past couple of years.  Unwinding trauma from the body, by deeply resourcing then listening and allowing old stories to go a different way, has been at the core of my work for over a decade.  In fact, I explore this quite deeply in my first book, currently being edited in preparation for publication: Sacred Sexuality: Listening to Our Bodies

Recently I've written a bit about the ancestral portion of this as well:

Healing Intergenerational Shame Through the Ancestors

Our sexual healing can come in so many forms... how is it connected to the ancestors?
Imagine all the stories and scripts your body is carrying, often the ones that feel shameful and secretive, that were perpetuated by your parents, their parents, and beyond. Can it then begin to make sense that as we heal the lines, some space can happen so we can remember our sexual sovereignty?!

Would you like support in unwinding the intergenerational shame that impacts so much of our lives, including our sexuality and ability to feel pleasure?  Read more here:>>…

See full article published at Crazy Wisdom Journal, see page 7:  

Intergenerational trauma is the passing down of traumatic experiences from generation to generation. You might ask 'but HOW?' The simple answer is the same way the color of your eyes, or the shape of your hips is passed down...through your DNA. 


Our experiences are contained in the cells of our bodies and our DNA. This then is passed along to our biological descendants through our DNA. However, it is ALSO passed along through our behavior. Without healing our own trauma or that of our ancestors we are doomed to pass it along to our descendants even when they are not biologically related to us. Our behavioral DNA is just as powerful. 

It absolutely can be healed and SHOULD be healed.