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I am Oracle Skai a messenger sent from above to awaken humanity out of its deep slumber.  As a Mystic, Guru, Oracle, Sleeping Psychic/Medium and Medical Psychic I heal, teach, inspire, mentor and  change lives in order to awaken the dormant being inside waiting to serve in so many ways.  

I communicate with all of our deceased loved ones including pets in my dream state, by looking at a loved ones picture then going into the dream world and locating them.  I then receive messages in the form of a download, then bring it back to my clients.

I created my own version of healing called “The Smart Body Methodology” teaching how to go within in order to heal and how we all innately have everything we need to heal.

I also run my school Oracle Skais School Of Unlearning in which I teach about the Law of Attraction, how to unlearn paradigms, thoughts and beliefs that are not you.  Then relearn using the lost senses that were forbidden to mankind over a century ago.

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I work with all of humanity men, women, children, pets, unseen forces and the elementals.

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