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Bio / Self introduction

Hi, my name is Lisa Boinais. 

I have struggled with emotional eating and watching my weight for well over 20 years now. I know my story sounds like so many of you out there. I know your pain and struggle. I’ve done diet‘s, I’ve tried pills, I’ve read books, there have been cleanses, fasts, supplements, nothing seemed to have a real impact on my eating behavior. I always seem to return to the same old patterns no matter what I tried. I’d pretty much given up hope of ever being at a weight I felt good about myself at.

Then when I became a certified tapping coach. I knew I had found a way to help make permanent changes in people’s lives and I had this amazing vision of how incredibly powerful this tool could be in transforming peoples eating habits. It was one of those goosebumps moments when you know something bigger than you is calling you forward for a larger purpose. They were too many synchronicity’s and coincidences to deny it.

All of my own experience, both the ups and the downs, is what led me here with a mission to empower others in creating an outrageous life for themselves and one of the ways we do that is by crushing our food cravings and eradicating emotional eating. 

You can do all the dieting and exercise you want, but until you uncover and clear the emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck, you won’t see the life-long lasting changes you desire.

I have studied and learned from the country’s premier emotional eating and EFT experts to create a program to get to the root of these eating behaviors.

I deeply believe that I am here to do more, to uplift and empower others to improve their lives and their health, and to better the world.

I know what it’s like to struggle with emotional eating and the pain and punishment we inflict on ourselves when we succumb to the Craving and I want to empower you to change that.

Join me and together, let’s change your life.

Because you deserve to feel comfortable being you.

Who I Work With

Do you feel powerless to say no to your craving of choice when you’re stressed or have had a rough day? Do you often give yourself food as a reward? Do you sometimes reach for another bite only to find you’ve already eaten the entire bag? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to change your eating behaviors and feel like nothing will ever work for you? If you said yes to any of these I know you and my programs can help you break the Crave-Cave-Criticize cycle. Give me a call and we can have a chat to see how you can break free from the past so that you can move forward feeling confident and in control around food and happy and healthy in your body.

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