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1324 Haynes
Birmingham, MI 48009
United States

Bio / Self introduction

I research and write on metaphysical topics such as Spiritual Development, Psychic Readings, Healing Energy, and Holistic Health Care for FindMagicPeople and other platforms. I am committed to making transcendental awareness, emotional connection, physical health, and enlightenment available to seekers everywhere. 

I have a master’s degree in instructional technology and over 15 years of experience in custom media development. My portfolio includes numerous promotional presentations and instructional materials for companies such as Pfizer, Kraft, Roche, Deloitte, MasterCard, Ford, Motorola, GM, and Henry Ford Health System, among others.

My company has developed marketing materials for smaller clients in personal services, real estate, manufacturing, consulting, and retail. My focus is on the customer's perspective, resulting in communications that are engaging and effective. 

Skills / Expertise
Who I Work With

I enjoy working with individual entrepreneurs or small enterprises.  My clients typically know the substance of what they want to communicate, but need help creating messages that are appealing, direct, and effective.

I provide free consultation/instruction for FMP subscribers to create profiles, offerings, and event descriptions. My process involves first creating content in my client's authentic voice, and then relating that content directly to the interests or concerns of their customers.

I am available as a paid consultant to develop instructional or other communication products for promotion or sales. My goal is to create appealing communications that generate success for my clients and repeat business for myself. 

My publishing credits include The Ethnic Resource Guide, a cultural reference guide for Henry Ford Health System; the Team Leader's Handbook, a guide to process improvement written with a consortium of the major semi-conductor manufacturers; and The Essential Business Reader, a newsletter highlighting key events and trends for business leaders. 

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