Loving Yourself (Level 2). Prerequisite: Connecting in Love (Level 1)

Do you love yourself? Really love yourself? No matter what? As you would your best friend? Or your child? Or perhaps your parents? Most of us don’t.

Loving Yourself is a workshop that focuses on transforming your relationship with you and deepening your connection with self. You will have opportunities to see the essential goodness you came into the world with, and that still lives in you.

Most of us have the experience of seeing another through eyes of love, but struggle to see ourselves in the same light. Loving Yourselfbrings you back to loving you, while at the same time having meaningful interactions with others.


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One of the keys to loving ourselves is accepting ourselves exactly as we are.  This includes loving our physical bodies as well as our sexuality. Most of us have been told, countless times, that our bodies are not OK, and have had numerous assaults or belittlement of our sexuality. In HAI, we see every body (really, every one) as beautiful, exactly as you are. We see your sexuality as something sacred, precious, and deeply personal.

Beginning to trust demands a journey within. To trust oneself requires a decision to accept and celebrate the person that walks in your very own shoes. To trust oneself insists that we see right through opinions of others and learn to see ourselves as we truly are. You cannot think your way to trusting… you can only begin by deciding to know yourself from the inside out.

Ever so gently the armor we ourselves put in place to protect us and keep the world at bay begins to loosen. Bit by tiny bit we begin to feel the spreading warmth that comes with shedding the barriers to our own tender, delicate, fragile love of ourselves.

We are mirrors for one another, and can be teachers for one another as well. This workshop introduces powerful communication tools for deepening your relationships with others while remaining true to yourself.

To love one’s self challenges us to decide to accept and revere who we are at our core and with that trusting love we reveal ourselves, like the sun as it rises from darkness into a blaze of vibrant color.

Loving Yourself (Level 2) changed my life... period. I was a frustrated and scared singer/songwriter when I went to the weekend. The love and acceptance I was offered jump-started my own self-love so intensely that when I came home, I had a new confidence and recorded my first solo album—I’m working on my second. Now, I travel and play my music, knowing that I matter and am loved—I never would have this without my Level 2 experience. Thank you HAI.” ~L.G.


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Michigan at Ronora Retreat

9325 Dwight Boyer Rd

Watervliet, MI 49098



HAI Midwest Office

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(734) 523-8566

Price: USD 595.00

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