Free Mini Workshop: Opening to Love

Free Mini Workshop: Opening to Love

prerequisite: none

Our 2-hour introductory workshops give you the opportunity to experience the work and philosophies of The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) before committing to the full journey. Experience emotional openness and heartfelt connections, and find more possibilities for what love can be in your life.  In a safe, supportive, and casual environment, you’ll discover many ingredients for happy, healthy, and loving relationships.

No admittance after start time. Please contact organizer to RSVP.

Full Description:

The free two-hour workshops provide the opportunity to see for yourself how magnificent your life and relationships can be. A Human Awareness Institute presenter leads you through a gentle series of exercises designed to open your heart and allow you to be more connected with others. In just a couple of hours you’ll discover how we’ve helped tens of thousands of participants (couples and singles of all genders and sexual orientations) enhance their relationships and their lives.

Our deeply personal workshops focus on:

  • Love, intimacy and sexuality

  • Relationships, communication and being authentic

  • Improving body image to deepen your relationships with yourself and others

  • Making the right relationship choices for you

  • Finding love, being honest and creating emotional intimacy

As a thank you for participating in a Free Mini-Workshop, you'll be offered a discount to attend one of our weekend workshops. As with any true invitation, you can accept or decline with no pressure. We honor your choices.


If you need an accommodation to attend a HAI event, contact your local HAI Office at least ten (10) days before the event and inform them of the nature of the disability and your needs. In the case of events held in private homes, additional time may be required.  See our ADA Policy for more information.

​Trained Service Animals as defined by the ADA are always welcome. Service Animals, such as Guide Dogs/Seizure Dogs/Hearing Dogs are trained to perform specific tasks and are working animals, not pets. Pets, Therapy Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs, specifically, are not Service Animals and are not allowed at HAI events.


Hungtington Woods, Day Home
10105 Borgman Ave
Huntington Woods, MI 48070

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Patrick Day
[email protected]
(248) 592-7501

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