Level 4 “Exploring Spirituality and Sexuality”

(Prerequisite is Loving your Choices, Level 3)

What if we knew our spirit could soar when we embrace our sexuality? What if we knew our sexuality could expand with the acknowledgement of the power of spirit? What if all we really needed to do was to look deeply at the privilege of being accorded a human life?

What is sexuality? What is spirituality? What is our deepest nature? How do we connect most deeply?

For many of us, our sexuality is one of the deepest, most profound ways of connecting with another human being, simultaneously vulnerable, open, ecstatic, and heart connecting. These same words can be used to describe spirituality, our connection to the infinite, to wonder, and the universe.

Where do sex and spirit connect? How are they different? How are they similar? Do we have experiences that are purely sexual, or purely spiritual, but not overlapping? Do we have experiences that are both sexual and spiritual, with no distinction or separation between the two? Explore the interplay between sexuality and spirituality by opening your heart and soul freely, by first accepting yourself as you are, including your sexuality.

What if we stop judging ourselves and begin to tune our hearts with the resonant chords of love in the universe? What if we were to listen to each other with our whole hearts– without comparison, criticism or desire to fix? What if we allowed the experience of others to change us—to make us more vulnerable and more potent?

What if we said yes to life and to love and to all humans everywhere?


Please call Susan to register 313-522-9858, or you may register on line for Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops at Hai.org.

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