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Memberships (In The Age of Covid)

It's a challenging time, and most people I know who are supporting the spiritual community are used to doing it in person... AND THAT is suddenly a lot harder than it used to be.

I'm Derek Stottlemyer - and I'm in the business as well (as a licensed Avatar Master). Before life provoked an awakening I'd been the lead developer for a few virtual worlds - the largest reaching 7 million users. So I have a knack for the technical side of things - and this site is aimed at helping you connect with and inform your audience, and possibly getting residual income as well.

How does that sound?

A Team Effort

Let people know what you do.

Let people know what you offer.

Let people know what you the exchange you are offering.


Share, share, share - this site will be effective for ALL of US if we promote ourselves on it.

Let's change the conversation - let's reinforce the reality we are creating.