Shadow Work Through The Chakras

Nine weeks, plus 1 hour make-up class or 1:1 integration

Feb 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6, 13, 20, 27; April 3; 6-8 pm ET ONLINE

Taught by Mara Evenstar

A key part of growing and evolving as a person is the ability to become aware of and identify patterns of thought, emotional triggering, and behaviors that get in the way of becoming our fullest selves. Doing shadow work is an integral part of the self-development process. In this course, the shadow refers to any hidden, unconscious, and/or rejected parts of ourselves – that includes our gifts! Shadow work is the conscious effort to “know thyself” as fully as possible. When we “free” our shadows, we release the need to repress them or project them out onto the world and others – resulting in a freer, more authentic and empowered life. The seven main energy centers of the chakra system will provide a fertile ground for our exploration. You do not need to be literate in shadow work or the chakra system to benefit from this course, just a willingness to practice my 3C’s (cultivating compassionate curiosity).

I’ve heard several people say they are aware of the importance of shadow work, but really don’t know where to start or how to do it methodically. And doing shadow work on one’s own without a mirror can result in feelings of isolation and overwhelm -- or just a continuation of sliding right past those blind spots. Ultimately, no one can do your shadow work for you. But there is great value in having loving allies holding the space for you, holding the mirror for you, and holding high intentions for the next best version of you that is trying to be born.

In this intimate class of only 6 participants, we will be using a combination of sacred play, witnessing circle, contemplation, reflection and ritual to bring the shadow aspects of our seven main energy centers into the light for acceptance, integration and healing. 

This offering is for you if you are feeling fairly stable in your life and feel like it’s time to tackle some of the sticky stuff that might still be holding you back from your fullest expression in any aspect of your life. 

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