You are Beautiful you are brilliant get your lifechanging session Sunday in Waterford at Michigan Psychic Fair with Master Teacher Healer Todd Stockwell

Hello my dear friends,

What an amazing week,

sending massive light and love to all

and it was great to see everyone who showed up

this past weekend.

Thank you all for the great work you are doing

and the space you are holding for the world!

You are Truly Beautiful, Brilliant, Amazing and a Genius!

Awaken your true gifts and light

your Highest Path with Master Teacher Todd Stockwell at this amazing and fun event this weekend!

Many have been asking and yes,

I am still doing these new empowerments

at the Fairs and special events at cool

metaphysical shops and remotely.

This may be the most important move you ever make!

Get the brand new Empowerments that are especially for the changes that are occuring, right now!

Whether you are a Master Teacher,

Master Healer, Guide, Leader, Psychic or a beginner,

you will need this, even if you aren't a healer.

Remember, if you aren't in the area,

you can still call and receive this empowerment.

Also remember to read this entire message

and forward to anyone you feel needs this,

you will receive a massive empowerment and

healing just by reading and even more by forwarding!

Join me Sunday November 5

I have a booth at Michigan Psychic Fair

Sunday November 5 from

12 pm-6 pm

Holiday Inn Express

4350 Pontiac Lake Rd

Waterford, MI

Experience heaven on earth!

Take a vacation from your everyday life with a peaceful,

powerful life changing session or

give a session as an amazing gift for a

friend or loved one.

Remember the majority of my work is remote work,

so even if you can't make it,

you can still call or text at (734)740-9110

and we can figure out the best plan for your specific reality.

Also if you are interested in the most powerful training

on the planet let me know.

Especially if you think you can get a group together in your area. That would make you a facilitator and you will be rewarded handsomely as a point person.

I Love you all and look forward to

seeing you there or everywhere!

Remember I'm here to help you from beginner level

to the highest expert levels

and any level in between.

Get a session,you'll be glad you did.

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