Group Healing Circle

This event is hosted by Reiki Master, Shaman Rev. Amy Feger and Shaman, Reiki Master Bruce Fagan.

During this event we encourage all participants to remain open to their intuitive skills. While one person lays on a table the group surrounds the individual and applies energy work. The inexperienced are guided by Amy or Bruce to work with what they are perceiving.


**As having hosted many of these events I have noticed that in groups when energy work is applied, that the spiritual side seems to be sharing information between the participants. In such a way that the participants pick up new skills almost instantly. It is a group access to the universal knowledge that allows this to occur. A unique experience pending on who is participating and who is open to recieve. 

We host this event once a month. Usually the last Monday of the month. Cost: $15 at the door.

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