The journey of ascension through the Tree of Life and Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah as taught through the Modern Mystery School changes lives in amazing, even miraculous, ways. Unprecedented healing, astounding clarity in mind and action, debugging & detangling the subconscious to uplift your life to a life of miracles...these are just some of the things that become possible through the alchemy of this 10-12 month journey. But the question remains: What will this amazing journey do for you?

Here is a short video of testimonials from individuals who have completed this journey and how it has changed their lives for Good! We're EXCITED to manifest the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension Journey here in Michigan to serve the Midwestern U.S. and are collecting deposits in order to bring an International Instructor to the Great Lakes State! Follow this link to contact us and let us know you're interested:

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