Mike Owen, Clairvoyant in Kentucky

Mike Owen

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

Mike has worked for almost two decades helping clients connect the physical aspects of life to the Spiritual.  Many people will rely on the mind neglecting the heart and the emotional side of humanity. He has learned how to bridge the gap in bringing peace, health, and happiness. Mike is committed to helping everyone seeking healing on any level.  Services include Hypnotherapy, Virtual Meditation Classes, Reiki, Life Coaching, Psychic Readings/Energy Clearing, and much more!


Skills / Expertise

Licensed Hypnotherapist
Psychic Trainer
Reiki Master


Ready for Change
Virtual Mediation
Clearing Trauma

Who I Work With

I work with anyone willing to move forward toward a more Enlightened and Spiritual path. All I need is your willingness and permission to move forward. I can work in-person in Louisville KY, on the phone, and google meet sessions. I work with everyone and if the client is a minor I will require a parent present at all times.

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