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Bio / Self introduction

Spiritual Mentor, Retreat Leader and Author, Crystal Cockerham, works with empathic women to deepen their relationship with the Divine, learn their souls language, and hone their empathic gifts so they can create the divinely inspired life they envision, desire and deserve.  Through her offerings and community, Crystal empowers and supports women in awakening their inner wisdom.

In addition to authoring her own journal and 4-part meditation series bundle, Awaken Your Divine Wisdom:  A Guided Journal Expedition to Explore Your Universe & Decode Its Secrets,  Crystal has been published as a coauthor in several  International Best Selling Books including; SHINE!: Stories to Dream Big, Fear Less and Blaze Your Own Trail,and  Dance of the Women’s SoulsRadical Self-Love and more.

Crystal is a frequent contributor to Aspire Magazine, an Expert Instructor for Inspired Living University: A Sacred Curriculum & Community for Women. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, podcasts and summits including; Abundance Masters, The Breakthrough Show as both a guest & a panelist, and AngelScapes Radio w/Nancy Smith.

She is the host of the popular Feminine Wisdom Keepers Facebook Group, a community for the awakened women.

She is an engaging and passionate guest and is available to speak on numerous topics such as:

  • Divine Feminine
  • Intuitive & Empathic Gifts
  • Claiming Your Sovereignty

And can customize a topic to fit your audience.

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Who I Work With

If you struggle with any of these spiritual or emotional blocks:

  • You are struggling with a life transition
  • You are ready or called to make a career change
  • You are experiencing health challenges
  • Your energy levels are low
  • You find yourself triggered frequently
  • You feel like you are going crazy, feel fine one second and on the brink of tears the next
  • You believe or think you are a highly sensitive person, emotional or energetic empath, or both
  • You feel like you don’t know yourself or what you want
  • You feel the calling and are curious about the Divine Feminine
  • You feel you lack confidence in your own ability to make a decision
  • You have a difficult time saying NO to others and end up with no time for you
  • You are curious about what it means to work with the elements and lunar energies

And you are ready to:

  • Learn how to develop a daily practice that supports, nurtures  and enhances your  intuitive & empathic gifts
  • Learn the importance of creating both an energetic sacred space as well as a physical sacred space for yourself
  • Learn how to trust in what you are receiving
  • Learn rituals that will enhance your connection with feminine wisdom
  • Learn tools and practices that you can Stop. Drop. & Use. throughout your day to keep you and your journey on track while also helping you stay centered and grounded as you move through your day

Then I invite you to reach out and schedule a Discovery Session with me.


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