Crystal Bowl Concert With White Light Clearing

This is a sound healing event. Reiki Master, Shaman, Rev. Amy Feger is a sound healing teacher at Irene's myomassology in Southfield, MI. 

Here she will be working with the rain stick to sweep your aura,, shamanic rattling to clear blocks and drumming to call in your spirit guides, bells to request your Angels. Then she will be playing thirteen quartz crystal bowls for 13 of your chakras with white light clearing. The bowls will be played for an hour and a half. This will end with a small reflection and group OM.

Amy plays the bowls once a month at the Enlightened Soul Center. Usually the last Wednesday of the month. Yet dates vary.

Meditators are encouraged to bring an instrument if they would like a to share their sound healing with the group as well. 

Cost: $20 at the door.


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